Zaybra: Boost your Growth with Stripe-HubSpot Integration

Zaybra: HubSpot-Stripe integration

Are you looking to streamline your payment management systems? Do you want to use your payment processor data to drive predictable growth? Are you grappling with managing Stripe operations within HubSpot and seeking a seamless solution? If these questions resonate with you, you're in the right place.

This article will discuss the process of managing Stripe data in HubSpot. It will also highlight the importance of Zaybra in this integration and how it can help optimize your business operations.

Why integrating Stripe and HubSpot is important for your RevOps

Data processing and management are crucial components of Revenue Operations (RevOps). Organizing, storing, and analyzing data is imperative to obtain actionable insights that can significantly impact. Proper data management guarantees that your decisions are based on accurate and relevant information, enhancing operational efficiency and driving revenue growth.

To ensure efficient handling of tasks like payment and subscription data processing/management, companies often turn to platforms such as Stripe and HubSpot. These two solutions are well-suited for this purpose.

On the one hand, Stripe offers businesses a range of payment processing options that simplify the acceptance and management of online payments. The suite of tools includes features for payment tracking, subscription management, and advanced reporting. The data obtained from Stripe provides valuable insights that RevOps experts can analyze to optimize payment processes, enhance the customer experience, and boost sales volume.

On the other hand, HubSpot is an all-in-one software suite that covers marketing, sales, customer service, and operations, centred around a robust CRM. HubSpot benefits RevOps by offering a unified platform that streamlines customer connections and revenue-generating operational procedures. HubSpot's features help eliminate manual tasks, while its data analytics capabilities provide actionable insights that aid strategic decision-making.

The benefits of integrating Stripe and HubSpot for RevOps are clear. This integration can align operations, offer accurate real-time data for decision-making, and enhance customer satisfaction. As a result, it presents an opportunity to improve efficiency, implement data-driven strategies, and support scalable business growth. 

Let's explore how this integration has evolved before and after Zaybra.

HubSpot and Stripe integration before Zaybra

As noted in Zaybra's eBook, before 2020, many businesses using HubSpot's services had yet to establish digital commerce systems. Separate accounting departments handled invoicing, and very few had the chance to create integrations with companies like Stripe or Paypal.

To address this friction, in late 2021, HubSpot partnered with Stripe to enhance its CRM capabilities, introducing HubSpot Payments. The goal was to offer a no-code option integrating Stripe and HubSpot, enabling users to quickly process credit card payments and bank transfers.

HubSpot Payments simplify the B2B purchasing process, typically involving multiple disconnected tools. This feature minimizes tech-related frustrations, maximizes sales opportunities, and reduces the potential for human error when handling data.


The launch of Zaybra as an enhanced HubSpot and Stripe integration solution

In 2022 Zaybra was launched by A8 Labs in the HubSpot App MarketPlace as a Stripe and HubSpot integration tool designed to enhance the benefits of HubSpot Payments. A8 Labs was part of Aptitude 8, a HubSpot Elite Partner in the US. 

In March 2023, HubSpot Ventures invested in Aptitude 8 to launch A8 Labs as a separate software company called Hapily. Since then, Zaybra's strategic importance within the HubSpot ecosystem has significantly increased. With its seamless integration with Stripe, Zaybra brings numerous benefits, including optimized processes, aligned operations, and accelerated business growth. 

Let's delve now into Zaybra and how it brings Stripe's integration with HubSpot to the next level.

What is Zaybra? And how does it boost your revenue growth?

First, Zaybra provides the same features as HubSpot Payments, allowing you to work seamlessly with Stripe and HubSpot without switching between them constantly. Any changes made to a customer's quotes, transactions, or subscriptions will be reflected on both platforms simultaneously, eliminating the need for repetitive manual updates and minimizing the risk of errors. 

One unique feature of Zaybra is its ability to generate reports on all transactions and subscriptions, letting you keep track of your overall Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or MRR per Customer. This feature is similar to the subscription cards in HubSpot Payments, with each subscription card displaying customer-specific MRR. Additionally, a drop-down menu enables you to create Stripe Payment links or recurring subscriptions.

Unlike transferring your Stripe data with HubSpot Payments, which requires several manual steps and coding assistance, Zaybra offers a more straightforward solution that involves only three easy steps and doesn't require developer assistance.

Zaybra features

Let's take a closer and more organized look at the functions of this HubSpot App to understand its benefits for RevOps. Let's see how it offers a variety of particularly beneficial capabilities by aligning Sales Ops with financial management tasks.

Transaction Syncing with HubSpot

This Hapily App lets you easily sync your transactions as custom objects with HubSpot. This ensures that every financial event is accurately recorded in your CRM, providing a comprehensive understanding of your customer's journey.

Subscription Management: Upgrade, Downgrade, Pause, Cancel, and Refund

Zaybra makes managing subscriptions in HubSpot a breeze. You can easily upgrade, downgrade, pause, cancel, and even refund subscriptions without leaving the HubSpot platform. This helps save time, improve the customer experience, and organize operations in a streamlined approach.

Refund processing without leaving HubSpot

Managing refunds can be a challenging part of business operations. Fortunately, Zaybra simplifies the process by enabling direct refund processing within HubSpot. This approach eliminates switching between multiple platforms, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.

HubSpot Automation Triggered by Stripe Events

Zaybra has a unique feature that allows users to activate HubSpot automation through significant Stripe events. This feature automatically generates tasks, emails, and records in HubSpot, which helps to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

To conclude, here are a few examples of what you can accomplish without leaving the platform:

  • Segment users from product data 
  • Manage sales-assisted and self-serve workflows
  • Better attribute marketing performance
  • Trigger sales and service based on subscription events 
  • Attribute and visualize monthly recurring revenue


Key Benefits of Zaybra for RevOps

In a RevOps context, the tech stack only makes sense when it enhances the optimization of revenue-oriented processes. If your company's operations rely on online payment processes, Zaybra can become the combustion chamber of your revenue growth engine. Let's take a closer look at how and why.

Increased Efficiency

The first significant benefit of Zaybra lies in its potential for increased efficiency. It helps you save time and effort by automating the management of your Stripe subscriptions and payments. 

Improved Accuracy

Ensuring accuracy is crucial when dealing with customer and transaction data. As mentioned, Zaybra solves this problem by providing bidirectional synchronization of standard objects like Contacts, Companies, and Products in Stripe. With Zaybra, you can make data-driven decisions and confidently improve your operations.

Enhanced Reporting and forecasting

Zaybra goes beyond managing data - it's a tool that can improve your reporting and forecasting. Combining your HubSpot and Stripe data Zaybra gives a complete view of your CRM and payments. This feature allows you to generate thorough reports and accurate predictions using various data. These enhanced insights can help boost your marketing, sales, and service efforts for your business growth.

Zaybra's Pricing Plans: decide which one suits you best 

According to Hapily, Zaybra offers various pricing plans customized for businesses at different growth stages:

  • Basic Plan for early-stage startups, which includes: 
    • Data Sync
    • 2 Seats
    • PCI-Compliant Hubspot Quote Template
    • PCI-Compliant Checkout Page
    • $1M Stripe Transaction ARR
  • Pro Plan for growing companies, which includes: 
    • Data Sync
    • 5 Seats
    • PCI Compliant Hubspot Quote Template
    • PCI-Compliant Checkout Page
    • $5M Stripe Transaction ARR
  • Enterprise Plan for big companies, which includes: 
    • Data Sync
    • 10 Seats
    • PCI Compliant Hubspot Quote Template
    • PCI-Compliant Checkout Page
    • Multiple Stripe Account Support
    • $10M Stripe Transaction A


Zaybra is a HubSpot App powered by Hapily that helps your business integrate Stripe and HubSpot, automating data management, streamlining efficiency, and improving decision-making processes. Its features include transaction syncing, subscription management, and refund processing. Zaybra's integration of Stripe events with HubSpot automations dramatically enhances operational efficiency and improves the customer experience. 

With flexible pricing plans accessible to companies at all stages of growth, businesses can benefit from improved accuracy in data handling, advanced reporting, and forecasting capabilities. 

If your business relies on online payment processing and customer relationship management, the Zaybra-Stripe-HubSpot integration is helpful for your predictable and accelerated growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific industries or types of businesses that would benefit most from Zaybra?

Although any business can benefit from this integration, those with subscription-based pricing, online payment processing and a strong focus on customer relationship management will likely see the most significant benefits.

How secure is Zaybra when handling my Stripe data?

Zaybra adheres to strict data security and compliance standards. It ensures secure data transfer between Stripe and HubSpot and does not store your Stripe data on its servers.

With what type of payment methods can I use Zaybra?

You can easily accept payments through various methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards directly from your HubSpot quote and CRM. HubSpot and Zaybra allow you to process transactions using any payment method in your Stripe account.

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